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Deleting a posted message

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I made a mistake and double posted. I went to the erroneous post (still the last post in the subforum), but could find no way to delete a previously posted message even if it is the last message in the forum. I searched this forum for any details on how this function may have changed but didn't find anything.

What am I missing?

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Helene, just to be perfectly clear, are you saying that in the BT forums one has never been able to delete one's own just posted msgs?

If so, why is that? Such deletion is possible in other forums I participate in, and I've found it very handy. The way I've seen it work is that one can only delete a post if you are the author, and it is the last post in that subforum. If anyone replies, then you can no longer delete your own post.

This is handy because sometimes within minutes, or seconds even, of having posted a message, you think better of it and wish you hadn't posted it. Usually no one else has yet seen the post much less replied to it. The other time I've found it handy is like the other day when I made a mistake and double posted. For that situation (and perhaps some other error) it can be mighty handy to simply delete the mistaken message immediately.

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Members have not been allowed to delete their own posts since I've been a member for the last seven years.

There is no option on this software to allow conditional deletes of one's own posts. Either members can or can't, and with unconditional deletes, it is possible to delete a post to which someone already replied, hence the policy.

What we haven't done is turn on the timer which allows people to edit their own posts for a limited amount of time, after which the edit button disappears.

Double posts are an anomaly, but we usually catch them and delete them.

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