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NYCB 'Dances at a Gathering'

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the photo presumably shows a moment of the last section of Robbins' work sometime after the premiere.

left to right, for those who might not know is:

John Prinz, John Clifford, Allegra Kent and Gelsey Kirkland (all but Kirkland were in the first cast).


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yes, one can almost here this finale's 'rumbling' Nocturne, op. 15, no. 1, in the air of this photo.

it might date from the fall/winter 69/70 run of the ballet - following the sping '69 premiere season, when Kirkland first entered the cast as the 'run-on girl' at this time "in Apricot" if mem. serves.

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correct: if Kent's in the pic, she'd be 'in apricot' so Kirkland was likely here the 'run-on girl' 'in blue'; it's funny because there was a thought that Kirkland didn't enter the cast until after Kent left when Leland, originally 'in blue,' andwent to 'in apricot' and so on...

but obviously Kent's still in the cast: ah the mysteries of the colors of DANCES AT A GATHERING.

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