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Thank you for posting the news, leonid. Hopper's personal problems and career in self indulgence was at least as impressive as his contributions to film, so he was probably lucky to make it to 74 (and it's a tribute to our species' increased expectations of long life that seventy-plus is no longer considered very old :)). Hopper's career was revived by his memorable turn in "Blue Velvet" but that role also typed him in such a way that it was difficult for him to get away from such parts. As a very young man he was a notable presence in supporting roles in "Giant" and "Rebel Without a Cause" and he benefited from an advantageous marriage to Brooke Hayward, who had grown up as friends with the Fonda kids and introduced Dennis to Peter Fonda, leading eventually to "Easy Rider." RIP to a unique screen presence.

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