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"Making an Entrance"

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Now that is what I call a, "just you look at me" entrance and your'e right to include it. There was always a frisson of excitement amongst audiences before Rudolf Nureyev came on and a swell of applause as he arrived centre stage.

Yes, and you can see some El Greco 'Portrait of a Cardinal' in the eyes even on this youTube, although given the difference in professions, Nureyev's can seem even more extreme and overtly fierce without need to conceal it from his patrons.

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Two from Balanchine:

The pas de trois from Emeralds. The boy and two girls look like three young thoroughbred horse showing off their newly learned dressage skills. It always makes me feel happy and young.

Another pas de trois, this one the opening of the Bransle pas de trois in Agon with the two boys and the girl. I love how she does the same powerful and explosive steps as the men. They dance it like they're being shot out of a cannon. It's tremendously exciting.

I think I must have a thing for pas de trois' :wub::wink:

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Perky reminded me of the shot-out-of-a-cannon leaping girl in Ballo della Regina, who comes flying in from the wings (near the end of the dance for the four demis) -- nobody who's seen it will ever forget it, it's SO thrilling.

TEXTBOOK example of what John Weaver called the darting movement....

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Esmeralda's first entrance for La Truandise - though nothing can equal what the mind's eye sees in Victor Hugo's description of the scene in Notre Dame de Paris - truly one of the most extraordinarily dramatic moments of dance in literature.

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One of the most amazing entrances I have ever seen was Bouder's debut as the second lead in La Source. She came bounding on as a virtual unknown (I think she had been in the company for about a year), and the entire audience gasped. It was just so unbelievably musical.

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