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Nutcracker and New "Nutty Nutcracker"


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Aw, slcmom, don't tease us -- tell us :)

The dancers were dancing beautifully and it looked fresh and alive in the regular show. As for "Nutty Nutcracker" I understand that the ideas for all the "bits" are generated from the dancers and they were so clever this year.

We are first introduced to a disco-age Drosselmeyer complete with big afro-hair head band and bell-bottoms. He is matched by his identically dressed young nephew.

We are also introduced to a disco aged ski couple who seem to be the life of the party. The highlight of the party was the grandfathers dance where a mirror ball and disco lights appear and the whole cast begins a "Soul-Train" dance line.

during the transformation, Drosselmeyer appears on roller-blades and does the whole thing gliding around the stage -actually quite wonderful.

At the end of the battle, the mouse king is not killed but instead shakes his fist at us and we hear a voice over of Arnold Swartzenegger saying "I'll be back"

As the snow starts the dancing bear from the party comes out in a night-shirt and cap with a big alarm clock and teddy bear and goes to sleep on the edge of the stage.

The snowflakes all had reindeer antlers and for their last entrance they put on Rudolf noses. The snow king and queen did a top-hat and cane routine off.

Throughout both acts we keep catching sight of Waldo who is appearing in strange and unexpected places.

In Act two, while the prince is telling his tale the mouse king reappears and hits the prince on the head with a giant mallet and gets to sit with Clara, the attendants brought out cheese for him and popcorn for Clara.

All the dances had at least one funny bit. My favorite was the very overweight lead Russian man who was constantly out of breath.

In the waltz of the Flowers there was a bumble bee dancing around the flowers. At one point Waldo appeared in a bee-keeper mask and net to try and catch her.

The Grand Sugar-Plum pas de Deux was danced by 3 couples who high-fived each other as they traded places and took over the next section (I liked this because it not only was funny but showed off how many good dancers BW has)

At the very end the mouse king and the prince made up with a white peace flag which was very sweet.

After the curtain calls the orchestra struck up Auld Lange Syne and the dancers lead the audience in song while balloons fell from the ceiling.

I liked it all - it was very funny, charming and always in good taste.

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