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  1. That's gorgeous Simon. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great idea! I hope he takes a camera crew...
  3. I will be very interested to hear what he has to say about his Nutcracker journey when it is complete!
  4. I LOVE this Nutcracker story book idea! Genius. It's so easy to flip through the pages, the photography is beautiful...I especially love the picture of Gillian Murphy on the Thank You Notes page. She looks gorgeous! This story book gives you all the information that you want to see and provides cute, homey details like the dancers' recipes. It really gives you the feel of reading a book, but better. Whoever came up with this story book idea...
  5. Personally, I think it would be very, very difficult to manage an AD's or a Dean's position as a part-timer while still performing in another city. I can't imagine how anyone could do it. The time demands would be enormous and exhausting. Much luck to both of the dancers in New Zealand...it really sounds like a dream come true! The best thing that happened from the Ballet Pacifica "situation" was becoming acquainted with the lovely and talented Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner. They are such wonderful teachers and occasionally hold master classes and privates in the area and are warmly lo
  6. Interesting article, thanks for posting. My daughter has learned a Napoli variation with all the beats, and it's quite beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing Napoli at OCPAC in May!
  7. That's one righteous rant! And she sounds like a very smart lady who obviously has blood, sweat and tears invested in the company. How very sad, I hope things work out in the end. All the best to her and the company.
  8. Wow, I love Lopatkina in Swan Lake and would love to see her perform with POB. I SO wish I could go!
  9. [ Oh, I should note that Festival Ballet Theatre is located in Fountain Valley CA, not Anaheim. It is right on the border of Huntington Beach, if people are more familiar with Surf City, USA
  10. FBT's performances of The Firebird & Mixed Repertoire was wonderful! I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy The Firebird that much, but Nikolai Kabaniaev's choreography was really great and very exciting, and Jade Payette's performance was excellent. All the dancers did a great job and the costumes and sets really set the mood too. Molly Lynch, Viktor Plotnikov both had contemporary pieces and Pas dAction from Laurencia was set by Yuri Fateyev, Acting Director of the Mariinsky Ballet Company. Ms. Lynch's piece was beautiful and elegant and V. Plotnikov's Oops was a delight. Laurencia was
  11. Nikolai Kabaniaev choreographed The Firebird for Festival Ballet Theatre in CA this summer. The performances were stunning. I'm sure he will be a great asset to the Kirov Academy.
  12. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, one of the nation’s most successful dance troupes, said on Wednesday that it would entrust its future to Robert Battle, a 37-year-old outside choreographer who has had a long association with the company. Ailey announced Mr. Battle’s appointment as artistic director, to succeed Judith Jamison when she retires in June 2011. He will begin working at Ailey this July in tandem with Ms. Jamison, who will become artistic director emerita when the transition is complete. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/29/arts/dance/29plan.html?hp
  13. Hi Bart, I think it's very interesting that San Francisco Ballet must be able to track my visits to their website and now whenever I go to various websites or blogs which have nothing to do with the artistic world, beautiful ballet pictures advertising their performances show up. I usually would be bothered that I was being tracked (by a cookie or something) but because I love these ballet pictures and it would otherwise be advertising I wouldn't pay attention to, it definitely gets my attention. I think it's very effective because I have very seriously considering traveling up to San Fran
  14. Smokey the Bear was in the first Nutcracker? !!
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