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Would anyone know about the recent premiere of the ballet Fadette/Fadetta in Perm by Boyarchnikov? Is it based on Lavrosky's ballet? Is it using music from Sylvia?

It is loosely based on the Lavrovsky production with Delibes music for Sylvia.

The Perm Opera and Ballet website has full details and a good number of photographs but I could not get the link to work.

You can read the following review in Russian or do as I have done and use Google translation


or google balletfriends.ru fadetta and scroll down for more reviews.


The Mikhailovsky Ballet also have a production of Fadetta.

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scans of photos, left to right:

Vecheslova, possibly in a staging of FADETTE; Kirilova and ?, in FADETTA; Kirilova and ?, in FADETTA (these last two have handwritting on the back that notes FADETTA: the first - center photo - says Act II; second one - on the right - says, Act I [Kirilova's character was Madlon; the man's was perhaps Andre.


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