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Prelude at McCaw Hall Reviewed

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The restaurant in McCaw Hall that serves pre-performance and first intermission meals and desserts is reviewed in The Seattle Times:


Revamped last season, the 188-seat restaurant operates in conjunction with performances at McCaw Hall. Serving hundreds of customers quickly is just one of the hurdles facing executive chef Kelly Gaddis and his crew. Another is a kitchen located two levels below the dining room.

But Gaddis smartly offers a menu geared for quick assembly: tuna crudo, bruschetta, cheese and salami; soup and panini sandwiches; oven-roasted entrees that can be held warm and swiftly plated. Vegetarians aren't forgotten.

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Another is a kitchen located two levels below the dining room.

Yikes -- I didn't know that. I remember the press conference when they announced the improvements for the remodel (more women's bathrooms!) Sounds like they didn't quite manage to get all their ducks in a row.

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