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Tanaquil LeClercq's Ballet Cookbook on eBay


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Very reasonable starting bid of $50:


There's another listed at a much higher price, here:


Just for curiosity I checked alibris.com, a used book site I've sometimes found great deals at, but there the copies start at $199. So maybe the one on ebay will turn out to be a buy!

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I got one from Amazon for $42.00 about 5 years ago, so it may pop up less expensive from

time to time. It's a treasure. Some recipes are Mr B's pickles, Patty McBride's frankfurter salad,

Doubrovska's champagne sherbet, Villella's beer soup. There are lots of interviews, anecdotes

and photos. Can you picture Violette Verdy in the kitchen wearing an apron?

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Thanks, dancer100 - that picture is wonderful,

and that is not the photo in the book!

Here is one of her recipes:


4 1/3 cups red wine

3 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp lemon rind

Boil ingredients together over high flame 20-30 minutes

or until reduced in half. Serve hot in a glass.

Anybody want to try it and report?

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Can you picture Violette Verdy in the kitchen wearing an apron?

Yes indeed. I'm featuring her not only singing and swaying merrily away--

speaking and singing in both French and English at 1000 mph--but whipping

up unimaginably gourmet meals while assuring us it's the simplest thing in the world.

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