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New World Symphony, Miami. 2009/10 Season opening

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Time to confess. A major reason for me to decide to miss the last two thirds of MCB's program on Sunday-(besides my inability to come to terms to what was going to be shown after AB and TPDD)-are shown next.

Just understand that the offer was too tempting to let go. It was just a matter of timing both performances/intermissions and running across the street to to the Knight Hall to catch the second part of the NWS program, which was:


Yes...guilty as charged I am. :)

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dirac...it was MAGNIFICENT. I've always been owed of the simple scheme-(a partial up and down the scale)-of the main tune of the Ode.It has a down-to-earth quality that serves as basis of series of variations, superimposed on the finale's grand structure. It sounds just so...raw...pure...I don't know. It always gets me big time. NWS's conductor, Michael Tilson, is such an iconic figure in our arts scene, and his orchestra is one of the strongest assets-(both financially and professionally)-of Miami. The program also contained excerpts from "Fidelio" in its first half, but at that time I was watching Allegro Brillante and TPDD across the plaza. We had soprano Christine Brewer, mezzo Kendall Gladen, tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni and Joshua Habermann leading both the Master Chorale o :) South Florida and the University of Miami Frost Chorale. TWO THUMBS UP!!

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Agree with dirac. If you're having a bummer with Company B and "Symphony Three", no use to fight it. Reminds me of the times I ran across the plaza at Lincoln Center during the evening, taking my "meals" ala carte. (I wasn't the only one, either.)

Did you ever hear the NWS in the Lincoln Theatre? I heard a few concerts with the excellent MTT in there. A converted medium-sized cinema, I think. Their sound needed room to expand, and it must have been great to hear them in a good hall!

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