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She stood about 5' tall...maybe. She had a voice that boomed out like it came from a giant. She screamed a lot, and insisted on absolute attention in class by all, even the professionals. One must never lean on a barre, or practice in the back and distract her, and if by any chance your "feeefth positione" was not perfect at the barre, you were doomed forever. :(

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Many years ago, when the Royal Ballet would visit NYC, several members would take Mme Pere's class. One class I remember had Fonteyn, Beriosova, Derek Rencher and Lynn Seymour. It was difficult to concentrate. Nureyev also came several times as well. Mme's adages were just beautiful, I remember the tempi of her combinations as being extremely slow. When Rudi was there, he did everything twice as slow as she had demonstrated. Mme was always very stern, however when Rudi was in class, her eyes would sparkle and looked as though any minute she would burst into a smile! Mme would also take care to place each member one by one, where you were to stand in the center. It was almost like a ceremony. The most thrilling day for me, was when I had the honor of being placed next to Margot. I loved her classes, I never knew of her background until I read about here. Thank you

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