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ABT II roster changes

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It seems that several names have been removed from ABT II's roster.

Sae-eun Park has gone home to join the Korea National Ballet Company. Link:


I've also read that Jaime Hickey has joined Joffrey, but I can't find the link right now.

Others that have been removed but I'm not sure where they've landed: Mara Thompson, Kaia Annika, etc. Has anyone seen press releases about where these dancers have landed? Maybe they moved up into the corps at ABT, and the website hasn't been updated...

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We probably can't know for sure that it wasn't Ms. Park's decision to return to Korea and make her career in her own country. There are many reasons why that would have been a good choice -- having a reliable support network nearby, and perhaps the prospect of a faster rise through the ranks to cite just two. She even says, in the interview Krystin linked (thank you!): "I sort of had to learn by watching them in the ABT because of communication difficulties. In the Korea National Ballet Company, I think I'll be able to learn more about ballet in more depth and breadth.

"I'm happy that I'll be able to live at home for at least two or four years," she admits.

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