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GISELLE oddity

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this scan shows an uncaptioned stereoscopic slide.

it was produced by Fortescue Mann of London (no date is given).

the little cross has GISELLE written on its crossbar.

the female dancers grouped among the bullrushes are unidentified; the one on the right, with the hair ribbon, might well be a Myrtha character and the dancer in the darker costume might be Giselle herself.

the old photo is came with the unintended streaks that make things even more hard to 'read.'

it's possible this is some Alhambra (or variety theater?) version of the 19th century classic.

your guesses are as good as mine...


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thanks, Mel, for the info on the outfit that produced this item.

as one viewer politely pointed out the scan is made extra-tricky by the watermarking, so, here is the right half of the card w/o watermark.


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Ahh, yes. I wonder if the one with the staff is supposed to be Myrtha, as well. I don't see a lot of asphodel in my life, so I'm not a good judge of what it looks like. The streaks, I'll bet, are from a chemical migration, perhaps from wood grain, or even corrugated board against which the view probably laid for years.

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