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Isabela Coracy and Irlan Santos Ducumentary

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Did someone see this ?

It was broadcasted yesteday on Arte and was quite interesting. While I've been really impressed by Irlan Santos, and particularly by his Neumeier's variation during the Prix de Lausanne, I wasn't at ease with Isabella Coracy because I feel she was pushed in the wrong direction.

I wonder why the teacher was pushing her so hard to go to New York for the YAGP final because from I've seen from YAGP until now, it's obvious for me that this girl couldn't reach the final round there. I hope here parents have coped since, because they had to take loans in order to have her compete in the YAGP final.

Howewer, she's doing well in contemporary (there is a video on youtube) and I hope she'll find her way because she's a beautiful danver and is obviously talented.

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ABT's facebook site posted this link to "Only When I Dance: the Story that Makes Billy Elliott Seem Tame," from the "Times Online UK": http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol...icle6960668.ece. Ms. Coracy has a contract with the Sao Paolo Dance Company. The article notes that she was one of only 5 chosen, from 140 auditioning, and will be the only black dancer in a country that has a black population of about 50%. She begins in January.

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