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Casting is up for April 28-May 3

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Well, I'm happy to see that some of my favorite corps stalwarts have featured roles in Coppelia:

Lauren King: Dawn

Ashley Laracey: Spinner

Dena Abergel: Prayer

Gwyneth Muller: Discord and War

I saw Abergel dance Prayer last season and she was benevolence incarnate -- it was a lovely performance, and graceful in every sense of the word.

A different cast is up for the performance I have tickets for, so it looks as if I'll miss them them this time around, alas (not that the cast I'm seeing is anything to gripe about, mind you).

I'd like to see Bar in Concerto Barocco and Gilliland in After the Rain, too.

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What does dismay me is NOT seeing my favorite dancer Glenn Keenan in roles

she is more than capable of doing. It becomes more and more difficult to write checks

to support a company that ignores a beautiful faithful company member, Glenn Keenan.

Very long time devoted viewer, Bewe.

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