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Need help finding music from Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux

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I am having the hardest time finding the music from the male solo part of the "Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux".

Apparently, this music was originally written for Swan Lake, but not used. Then in the 1960's, it was reintroduced simply as "The Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux".

However, if you were to run a search for the terms "Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux", you would get results referring to the many other ballets that Tchaikovsky wrote music for. The name is too vague.

Can anyone point me to a recording of this music? It can either be just piano, or the full orchestra. I'd greatly appreciate it!

Here is a youtube video that will show you the melody I'm referring to. AND JUST the male solo music AFTER the pas is all I need. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQWAlzQ19Og

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The recording of the complete Swan Lake conducted by Charles Dutoit with the Montreal Symphony includes the music Balanchine used for the Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux. I believe the Bonynge and Lanchbery versions have the music, too, but I am 100% sure about Dutoit on Decca.

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:( There was also some other divertissements which used Tchaikovsky 's omitted music actually in complete versions of Swan Lake. a Pas de Quatre in Act 1 Everlyn Hart in a recording of the Canadian Ballets, N. Markarova's production, Pierre Lacottes production for The Swedish Ballet, 2 female Soloists in Act 1(?) also a Pas de Fianes, to different music than the usual Princesses variation, danced in the 1960's by the then London Festival Ballet. (Now The English National Ballet) It seems a real shame that this music which is very attractive with great melodies was not used. Perhaps it would have made the already long original production even longer. It does make you wonder what other gems may exist in the archives in Russia.
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:clapping Thank you for the clip of Bocca, which has jogged my memory. I love the Balanchine Pas de deux, but I can actually remember seeing a production of Swan Lake, years ago, where this music was used for the Male Solo in Act 3, instead of the usual far less attractive melody which seems to prevail. But I cannot seem to remember where or when. Nureyev seems to feature somehow. There were new productions of Lac when I worked with The Royal Ballet, so maybe that is the connection. What about Nureyev's production of Swan Lake for the POB, he usually puts in more variations for the Male principal. I will have to get my DVD of that with Jose Martinez and watch it. Can anyone remember this ? Thank you.

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Yes, I'm surprised it was so hard to track down! I would imagine it would be used more often. I always hear it being played on piano when some "generic" big waltz music is needed.

It is THE male solo music, as far as I'm concerned!

When it came time to choreograph my Cecchetti grade 4 exam solo, this music was pretty much the only thing piece I had my sights set on. Now it will be perfect! I'm so glad I found it.

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Another CD that includes it is the complete Swan Lake by the Boston Symphony Orchestra with Seiji Ozawa; but beware, the tempos in this recording are often impossible to dance to. There is also a "highlight" disc by the same orchestra/conductor, which I'm sorry I don't remember has it or not. The first time I heard the music was in my Angel 4-disc phonorecord of the soundtrack to the Nureyev/Fonteyn film. I haven't listened to it for many years (now that cds and dvds are the norm) so apologies if my aging memory is confused.

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