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Question about a ballet fragment in 1977's "The Turning Point

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In the Anne Bancroft-Shirley Maclaine movie "The Turning Point," there is a brief ballet sequence about halfway through the movie that I've always wondered about.

The brightly-lit stage is filled with dancers, in rows, and they are dressed (as I recall) in black and white, with the women in black tutus. It looks like a finale, with the music (very Romantic) booming away, and the dancers moving very fast, but staying in rows. The sequence lasts maybe a minute.

My memory might not be accurate, but the impression is of rows of young, vibrant dancers, looking radiant, even ecstatic. The music is huge.

Can anyone tell me what this ballet is?

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the ballet in question is ETUDES.

see credits below.

the excerpted segment is from the finale.

Etudes: Original title: Etude. Chor: Harald Lander; mus: Karl Czerny (Studies) arr. by Knudåge Riisager. First perf: Copenhagen, Royal Theatre, Jan 15, 1948, Royal Danish Ballet; scen & cos: Erik Nordgreen.

Perf.: Paris, Opéra, Nov 19, 1952, Paris Opéra Ballet; scen: Moulène; cos: Fost.

Perf.: London, Festival Hall, Aug 8, 1955, Festival Ballet; scen: Bernard Daydé.

First U.S. perf: New York City, 54th Street Theatre, Oct 5, 1961, American Ballet Theatre: scen & cos: Rolf Gerard.

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