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  1. I don't know much about Forsythe's work, tomorrow, so I don't feel equipped to say much in response. But given the thoughtfulness of your reply, I look forward to anything further you have to say.
  2. I was looking at the website of the Bavarian State Ballet in anticipation of the live streaming of "Paquita" today when I saw this quote, attributed to choreographer William Forsythe: "I don't care so much about choreography, I care about dancing." I searched the web for a context for the quote, but could find nothing. Assuming that the quote is accurate, I have to wonder what in the world he meant. I realize that Forsythe is a former dancer, so perhaps all he meant is that he prefers being a dancer to being a choreographer. But the quote made me think. It seems to me that anyone interest
  3. I was only partway through watching this for the first time when I just had to stop and post. I have never seen hops on pointe like Tiler Peck's in the Donizetti coda. The only word to describe them is the word Violette Verdy used at the beginning of the video -- "buoyant." And Daniel Ulbricht's pirouettes were astonishing. I haven't seen this ballet in many years, and these two wonderful dancers make me long to see it again. Thank you for posting this fabulous video!
  4. I would add a huge yes to all the Balanchine ballets mentioned in the posts above and add one: "Chaconne," which is available on DVD. It is a gorgeous ballet with exquisite music, and you get to see Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins in the principal roles that were made on them. I would also strongly recommend "Who Cares?" and "Prodigal Son," the latter of which is also available on DVD with Baryshnikov in the title role.
  5. (Delurking) I fell in love with ballet when I was about 10 years old, when I saw Balanchine's "The Nutcracker" on TV. Living in a cultural backwater, I didn't get a chance to attend an actual live performance for many years, but eventually my town landed on the tour circuit, and I saw Fonteyn in "La Sylphide" and "Cinderella" and Nureyev in "Le Jeune Homme et La Mort" and "Apollo." Eventually, I was able to afford trips to New York, and saw many NYCB performances with Farrell, Martins, McBride, and the like. And I saw Villella in the subway! I don't get to see live ballet often, so the th
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