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Here's the Link to the National Theater's web page devoted to the production:


Laurents is quoted as saying:

“This show will be radically different from any other production of WEST SIDE STORY ever done. The musical theatre and cultural conventions of 1957 made it next to impossible for the characters to have authenticity. Every member of both gangs was always a potential killer even then. Now they actually will be. Only Tony and Maria try to live in a different world,” said Arthur Laurents, who was recently nominated for a 2008 Tony Award for his direction of GYPSY, also one of his librettos.

Laurents' point sounds persuasive. Has anyone seen this in Washington?

Here's something from the Washington Post, with photos:


:flowers: I didn't know the following, also taken from the web page:

The first performances of this musical anywhere in the world

were at the National Theatre August 19 through September 7, 1957

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