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Yves Saint Laurent, R.I.P.

As befitted his success, Mr. Saint Laurent lived elegantly. All his homes — including famous ones in Deauville, France, and Marrakech, Morocco — which he shared with a succession of French bulldogs, always named Moujik, were lavishly decorated and filled with antiques and artwork by his favorite artists, who included Picasso, Cocteau, Braque and Christian Bérard. He often said that Bérard was one of the greatest influences on his designs, particularly in the use of color.

“Every man needs aesthetic phantoms in order to exist,” Mr. Saint Laurent said at the announcement of his retirement.

AFP obit.

Saint Laurent's success lay in the harmony he achieved between body and garment -- what he called "the total silence of clothing."

He was also in the right place at the right time, launching the era of the celebrity lifestyle in homes in Paris and Marrakesh where he mixed with the Jaggers, US-French socialite Betty Catroux or aristocratic muse, Loulou de la Falaise.

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