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Vaganova Ballet Academy St Petersburg

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I am visiting St Petersburg very briefly in September and would like to watch a ballet class at the Vaganova ballet academy. Does anyone know how I could arrange this? I have been in touch with the academy directly and at their request, submitted my resume (CV). To date, no response.

thanks and regards

Michael Baker

former principal dancer and teacher

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When I was accepted into the pedagogy program, it took 6 months for my acceptance to arrive. School started two weeks later. I scrabbled and arrived on the correct date. Things have changed since 1993 so maybe you will hear more readily than I. It is a wonderful experience. Enjoy St. Petersburg. :blush:

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These things take time, persistence and "pull," Michael. It also depends on timing, i.e., you'll be going at about the time that classes begin (September 1 is traditional first-day of classes for Russian schools) and maybe they won't be ready to open things up for demonstrations. Good luck!

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