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Maria Kowroski


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Maria has long been a favorite dancer of mine. The essence of strength and glamour. I see that her name is absent from City Ballet casting for the first weeks of the Spring Season. Is she injured ? Does any one know?

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Hi Mellio! Welcome to Ballet Talk!

You've asked a question that I'm sure others have wanted to ask -- we are all curious about dancers and why they disappear from the roster for a few weeks. It's our policy here, though, not to discuss injuries, or any backstage/insider information unless it's official -- a press release from the company, or something in print. Unfortunately, ballet companies almost never send out press releases on injuries or other reasons that might keep a dancer away from the stage.

Here's a link to our Rules and Policies -- I hope all our members will take this as a gentle preseason reminder, and a pointer to new members, to either check out, or refresh your memory, of our policies.

Rules and Policies

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Welcome to the board Mellio! :D

Maria is a favorite of mine as well. I love the glamour and theatricality she brings to the stage as well as those legs as long as the Mississippi river!

What roles do you like to see her dance?

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... those legs as long as the Mississippi river!

Indeed. She has been a great help in getting a young male friend of mine to come with me to City Ballet performances. He calls her "Legs," as in, "Legs is dancing tonight? I'll come!" I admit, it's stuck in my mind and I've started calling her that--sort of like Big Red.

What roles do you like to see her dance?

I know this wasn't directed at me, but I can't resist. I'm sure I won't be the only one to say that Bugaku is fabulous for her. And my friend and I both loved her in Violin Concerto. I'd like to hear what other ballets people particularly enjoy her in, since I base most of my attendance decisions on casting.

...and welcome, Mellio!!

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