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  1. I just finished reading, "No Way Home." , The newly released autobiography by Carlos Acosta. It is a wonderfully touching, honest, funny, and beautiful book. A must read for every ballet lover. Even if you don't like ballet he touches so many other things in the book. From life in Cuba, to his fascinating childhood. A real inspiration to anyone.
  2. I had the pleasure of seeing Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo dance Aurora and Prince Desire this past Thursday. She was radiant, exquisite, with such a huge presence for such a small dancer. He was technically, astonishing (as usual). Together , they were just lovely. Such attention to detail!!!
  3. Mellio

    Maria Kowroski

    I apoligize if I broke any site rules. As a newcomer to the sight , I will try to be more careful in the future.
  4. Mellio

    Maria Kowroski

    Maria has long been a favorite dancer of mine. The essence of strength and glamour. I see that her name is absent from City Ballet casting for the first weeks of the Spring Season. Is she injured ? Does any one know?
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