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TCM is showing a great old war-horse of a film this week; Mayerling (1968) with Omar Sharif as Rudolf; the young Catherine Deneuve (25) as Vetsera, James Mason and Ava Gardner as the Emperor and Empress...whew! There is a long scene at an opera house and Giselle is being performed. (Liane Dayde is the Giselle---POB?, with Genia Melnikova as Myrtha and James Urbain as Albrecht.) There is one beautiful scene where Sharif and Deneuve are gazing at one another and the background music is Giselle's return to the grave. The next scene shows Deneuve sitting at a piano and playing the same music. During the many romantic scenes the background music is the PDD from Spartacus; which is repeated many times during the film.

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