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Actor Peter Sarsgaard

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I didn't know where else to put this so I parked it here.

The October issue of In Style features a short interview with actor Peter Sarsgaard. One of the topics he discusses is his ballet training as a youth. He says that he was athletic when he was younger and he took up ballet because he read that Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys had taken up ballet to improve his balance. Sarsgaard continues by saying that ballet didn't really help him with sports but it did help him meet women!

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Thank you for the heads up, miliosr. I'll look for it. Sarsgaard is a favorite of mine and I monitor his professional progress closely. He may always be a little too off for conventional leads - he's like a shorter blond John Malkovich -- but I like him, although he's often cast as a villain (he's raped and murdered Hilary Swank, cast a voodoo spell on Kate Hudson, and gave Jodie Foster a very hard time in Flightplan -- Reese Witherspoon better look out). I've liked him in his many indie pictures - he was great in Shattered Glass, actually made his dopey role in The Dying Gaul credible, and he was stunning in the aforementioned Boys Don't Cry.

He's not the first to mention in an interview that ballet classes are good for meeting girls. This might seem obvious but it's worth pointing out, I guess. :lightbulb:

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