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Hi to everybody, first of all Merry Christmas. I hope I am using the right place to write this topic.

I used to read and send posts a lot since three years ago but now my spare time is much less and I can only read some topics occasionally.

Yesterday I posted after a lot of time and I discovered that my total posts are... 19. I think I have more than 100 posts in 6 years. Can you please explain to me what happened to my posts? Is it a matter of upgrading the software? Many thanks. antoP

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Helllo, antoP It's so good to read you again!

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, in the early years, we had to prune posts frequently for space reasons (space was very expensive, then, and we kept bumping up against the limits of our various plans). More likely, in your case, most of your posts will still be on our sister board -- Ballet Talk 4 Dancers (link at the top of the page). We split the board a few years ago because it had simply gotten too big, and moved the Teachers, Young Dancers, and other forums about dancing to its own site (where you will find Victoria and Mel).

Please continue to post on both boards -- I miss your voice! (I've lost 4,000-some posts in various moves and purges, if that helps :( )

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