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On Point Fall '06

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The Fall issue of ABT's publication arrived yesterday, featuring the Fall City Center season.

Under the heading Pas de Deux three marriages are listed:

Soloists Stella Abrera, Sascha Radetsky, July 22 in Santa Cruz, California

Corps members Kristi Boone, Isaac Stappas, August 19 in Rochester, NY

Corps members Luciana Paris, Hector Matias Montini, Aucust 25 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Corps member Karin Ellis-Wentz and husband Kipley had their first, a Ballerino, August Sinclair, August 10.

In Company News, Kirk Peterson was named ABT Studio Company Director, and Wes Chapman, Clinton Luckett were named Ballet Masters.

In addition to promoting the Fall Season, there was a feature on high fashion costume designers for the company. In addition to the usual photos of Principals, Soloists, and anons of the Corps, two Corps members appeared in accompanying photos:

Yuriko Kajiya wearing Kamali in Tharp's Upper Room

Sarah Lane wearing de la Renta in Tharp's Sinatra Suite

One Corps member was also identified in the season-promoting photos:

Jennifer Alexander in The Green Table

Two Corps members were identified in the Spring Gala photos:

Misty Copeland and Jared Matthews

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Sarah Lane wearing de la Renta in Tharp's Sinatra Suite

Is Sarah Lane doing Sinatra Suite or is it just a publicity shot?

Unfortunately, we won't know until the casting comes out. PNB recently had a dancer in the shot for Fancy Free, and he didn't perform the role (unless the website for Week 2 was wrong.)
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