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New Solist to the Royal Danish Ballet

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I am really glad to learn that Sebastian Michanek has made it to the Royal Danish Ballet.

Just spoke on the phone to my daughter and she sends her congratulations. We spoke of all the other children at the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg and we arrived at the fact that only Sebastian (or Sebbe as he was called) has really made it. Of all her former classmates (and he was also a neighbour of ours), the other ones have either given up ballet, gone into "writhing on the floor" (DD's term) or are pursuing some other artistic profession. Anyway, we both feel very proud and happy for him.

Another reflection here - this would not have been possible say fifty years ago. In those days pupils were supposed to have attended the theater school from the beginning. It was like that with the ballet school at Det Kongelige and the same thing in Stockholm. If I dont remember wrong, Elsa-Marianne von Rosen was the very first dancer to be admitted to the corps at the opera in Stockholm without having attended the school first. :)

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I just noticed that Sebastian Michanek is now in the company list on the RDB site - but not as a soloist, he's actually a solodanser - i.e. a principal.

I´m sure they did put his name in the solodanser section by mistake :) , his name is now in the solist section together with the other solists.

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