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Original Designs for the Nutcracker?

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there are isolated, individual designs in a few books. there are a few photos and sketches from the original production in john warrack's TCHAIKOVSKY.

roslavleva's ERA OF RUSSIAN BALLET reproduces in B&W a grouping of snowflakes and shot of the leading child dancers in act 1, sc. 1.

surprisingly there seem none in jack anderson's THE NUTCRACKER BALLET.

there are some black-and-white illustrations from the 1892 production in wiley's THE LIFE AND BALLETS OF LEV IVANOV. (wiley's TCHAIKOVSKY'S BALLETS reproduces the now familiar grouping of snowflakes too.)

if you can read russian basically enough to read captions and names there is a russian language monograph on the ballet called SHCHYELKUNCHIK (by G. N. Dorbrovolskaya' which shows up at times on ebay. (this is the best, most inclusive source that i know of.)

various books about ballet design sometimes reproduce the setting for Konfituremburg.

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