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Kaitlyn Gilliland

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I remember reading in the Fall 2004 SAB newsletter that she will begin her apprenticeship in 2005, which was delayed due to injury. But as I recall with pleasure from the Symphony in Space Wall-to-Wall Balancine event, she's one of those dancers who will be worth the wait. . . Let's wish her well.

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[N]ext to Kay Mazzo Tiler appears small, which would seem impossible since Mazzo is not exactly the Jolly Green Giant.  I read somewhere that Tiler is 4' 10" ?

For whatever it's worth, Mazzo is wearing heals in the video.

I know Dance Spirit magazine lists 4'10" as her height at age 14 in 2003, but a lot can happen height-wise to a young girl between the ages of 14 and 16. :FIREdevil:

In watching Part One of the "Balanchine & Ballet Technique" webcast yesterday where Suki Schorer stands next to Tiler Peck as she has her demonstrate steps in center, they are about the same height. Suki Schorer is 5'1" tall and she is wearing a very low heel, no more than 1", in this video. So, that would make Miss Peck about 5'2", I'd say.

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Peck is a teeny, teeny thing. 5'2" is a generous estimate IMHO.

There seems to be a rash of apprentice to injury happening. Surely some of it is due to the unforgiving Nutcracker machine but both LeCrone and Laurent suffered time off [snip].

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