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Favorite Bluebirds/Princess Florines


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Silvy, you saw Lezhnina live?! :) I am SOOOO jealous!!!

I saw Lezhnina live too. Her Florine and Aurora were classically pure.

When the Maryinsky came to L.A. in December 1992, they were celebrating

the 100th anniversary of 'Nutcracker.' She danced the most perfect

Masha (second only to Maximova's), that I ever saw.

The audience rose to it's feet. . . Unforgettable.

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Regarding Lezhnina as Florine, I remember that people around me at the theater were not that impressed. As she danced only the adagio, all you could admire was that pristine classical purity. And there and then I realized that too many people go to ballet driven to see pyrotechnics, and not true art. Hers was ART above all

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