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La Sylphide - Question for Victoria Leigh

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Nope....I was on the left, which was first group in, but I think it's the third one from the front, or second from back....not sure, haven't seen it for a while ;) I was the only blond. :jawdrop:

(I think Mel was thinking of when I danced this ballet with the company, and not the shortened TV version. By the time the company did it, I was a soloist, and danced the first sylph who comes out alone and does a promenade in arabesque and a penché, staring down into the swirling mist! :D )

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Thanks for correcting me on that. I remember that one moment, because that's when NBC News cut into the program to announce, "We don't know any more than the last time we cut in, but we'll let you know when we do." They took a minute to do that, which is like a half-hour in a short sequence like that. The next time they cut away again was when Bruhn started a preparation, did a glissade, and then..."We interrupt this program...." :angry:

I wouldn't watch NBC News for years after that!

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That program aired on the night of October 22,1962. It was the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK had addressed the nation on TV earlier that night exposing the situation to the public and offering the ultimatum. So, it might have been the End of the World, but if that started to happen, they would have cut away anyway, so these interruptions were not only unnecessary, but downright nerve-wracking. Hey. it was Fracci and Bruhn, fercryinoutloud!

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