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The K-Ballet is scheduled to dance as part of the lincoln center festival on July 6 and 7. I have a tape of them dancing Carmen in which they are trully wonderful and I am hoping to be able to see them live. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of the casting for these up coming performances. I looked on their website but since most of it is in Japanese I did not have any luck. Thanks!

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K- Ballet was stunning in Rhapsody last night, and very well received. The Met Opera House was 1/2 empty, and gave the Joffrey & BRB a pretty cool reception however they really came alive for Rhapsody and gave K-Ballet a very enthusiastic ovation.

I left my program at home, so I can't give you the casting but Tesuya Kumakawa and Viviana Durante are scheduled to dance the leads again tonight. The choreography, sets and performance were all wonderful - I would love to see them do Rhapsody again but unfortunately this is their only other performance, and I can't go again tonight :)

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