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FYI: Dance Calendars 2004

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Guest Nicoley

When I went to tidemark.com it brought me to some sort of government site. :wub: I don't know, it might have just been my computer being stupid.

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The Balanchine calendar always features the photography of Costas. As much of a selling point as the all Balanchine ballets featured inside. My husband was able to find and purchase the calendar at HalfBuy. com. It's a division of Ebay that has great prices on ballet related material. He bought it for $8.92. I think it's listed higher elsewhere.

My favorite picture from this year's Balanchine calendar is the La Valse picture.

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Has anyone ever found a ballet 'engagement' calendar? That's the official name for a calendar that is about the size of a planner and has a week laid out per page along with other pages with just pictures/paintings. I ended up getting a Jack Vettriano (a painter) engagement calendar because I am unable to find one with ballet photos, other than one with Degas ballet paintings, which are nice, but I prefer photos, similar to the Balanchine or ABT calendars.

The NYCB calendar that I bought last year had pictures which were in focus at the top and fuzzy at the bottom. Is their calendar like that this year? I found it annoying.

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