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2003 in Dance: Houston

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Since Leigh started this in a few other forums, I thought I'd create one for Houston.

I'll start off by listing the highlights of the current season for me:

seeing Simon Ball and Mireille Hassenboehler in In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated

Sara Webb as Aurora

hearing about Webb's promotion to principal dancer

Welch seems to be doing a pretty good job as the new AD so far

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Old Fashioned, I wondered if you saw Sara Webb's performance in "Evening" (the pdd Ben Stevenson made for her to dance in Jackson competition)? I thought that even with a funereal tempo (it's the Rachmaninov Elegy, not the Rachmaninov Dirge) and dreadful piano playing, she was very lovely in it. I thought her legato admirable, and that may not be the first thing one thinks of in her dancing--

also, Leticia Oliveira in Sanguinic, and her Autumn variation in Cinderella? Mireille Hassenboehler's Choleric was INTERESTING...

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No, I regret missing out on most of the previous seasons. This is the first time I've gone to see the programs consecutively because I can finally drive myself to the theater district! Thanks for your input, though (I hope you'll write more reviews in the future :wink: ).

Is there anything from this season that you've seen that you enjoyed in particular? I wish I could say I'm glad to see Barbara Bears back on the stage, but I haven't actually seen her dance yet this season... :P I'd also like to add I adored Tyann Clement as Carabosse, and Ilya Kozadayev was superb in the Bluebird pdd.

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I think that Simon Ball is very good. i've only seen him from the auditence once and he has a different look than the rest of the company men. Clement as Snow Queen doesn't really do it for me but she is a good dancer. I don't think that there were changes that day but I have seen the cast rehearse and theyre one of the most solid. Letecia astounds me everytime I watch her because her coda is almost always flawless and she has the hardest one in my opinion but it shows off her turning skills.

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Old Fashioned, unfortunately I have yet to see Bears after her return. I do understand that she did not dance her scheduled Auroras, perhaps due to injury? I'm not in Houston much, so have not seen as much as I'd like. boydancer, I agree, Oliveira is a demon turner and that's much of what dazzled in her Cinderella variation, not to mention the VERY difficult sequences in Sanguinic (which look sooooo much easier than they are.........lol)

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