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Found The Prince of the Pagodas, Royal Ballet, 1992 starring Darcey Bussell and Jonathon Cope at www.half.ebay.com.

Unfortunately it has a high price tag of 59.95. I believe because it is out of print. It also includes a documentary about Kenneth McMillan.


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For Pagodas, try Japan, which is where I got my NTSC copy a couple of years ago:


You may need to click on an "English" link to get a mostly English page, otherwise, just go to the main home page, and look in the lower left hand corner for the English link --- it's a little hard to see as white text against a pink bar background. I've found HMV Japan to be reliable and fast on shipping, though naturally expensive on shipping costs. Amazon Japan may also carry it.

For La Fille, I ordered the PAL, region 2 DVD from Amazon.co.uk, and have a multi-region player and a video converter to watch it. There's an old NTSC VHS tape floating around that you can sometimes find on Ebay, and other similar places.

BTW, I love the music of Pagodas, and have heard it as a concert suite live once, and wonder why more people don't use this wonderful music, instead of Carmina Burana, Pachabel's Canon, etc.


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