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Nutcracker Dec. 23, Eve.

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Slight delay due to demands of the season, but here I am now.

First, I must commend the audience. During Act I, they applauded as the houselights dimmed. They were all but silent during the overture. One very, very young child was the tiniest bit whiny. This audience (at least within my earshot), was exceptionally well behaved. But only for one act. Good enough.

All around, this was a terrific Nutcracker. :FIREdevil: Anjelica Fellini, last year's Bunny who was featured in last week's feature on ABC's "20/20", was an unusually charismatic Marie. This Marie seemed to be the smallest of the Act I party girls -- unusual in my experience. As Drosselmeier, James Fayette was completely benign. I prefer my D'meiers to at least suggest an aura of mystery or creepiness. :devil: Jerimy Rivera gave an effervescent little Prince.

Standouts in Act II were Henry Seth (partnering Dena Abergel) in Hot Chocolate, who invested an extra measure of brio. Megan Fairchild's Marzipan was clean, huge-scaled, effortless, musical and graced by a lovely ballon. The best Marzipan I've seen since Nichol Hlinka danced it. I did not enter the theater a great Fairchild fan, as some on this board are. Now I see what all the fuss has been about. :devil: Miranda Weese's Dewdrop was exuberant and commanding. It had to be with Jennie Somogyi as Sugar Plum Fairy.

We know Somogyi's a crackerjack allegro dancer. I was unprepared for the silken eloquence of her adagio dancing. Her special combination of power and sensuousness recalled Plisetskaya. I was taken aback a bit by the extra attention she and her partner, Peter Boal, directed toward Marie and the Prince . . . until I recalled that Somogyi and Boal were in those smaller shoes (at different times) when they were children. It was an especially poignant realization. Boal and Somogyi shared a happy rapport. Was it their shared memory? Doesn't matter.

As for Boal, he was a gallant partner and wonderful example in his dancing that less is indeed more, especially in his grandes pirouettes a la seconde. Slow, sustained, each one carving its own exact space in its own exact time. Something to savor. :D

Big, Important Question: This was my second NYCB Nut this year. Both times, Carla Korbes appeared only in the Party Scene. Anyone see her actually dancing? :shrug:

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I enjoyed the performance as well. I've been lucky in my Dewdrops. Weese, Bouder and at Tuesday's matinee Van Kipnis who gives a great performance in this role - warm, detailed and musical.

Ringer and Martins ( on Tues afternoon) were SPF and her cavelier and did a terrific job with the ppd. Ringer is warmer and more charming than Somogyi in this role. Somogyi is more regal. Both are terrific.

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