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Searching for a female POB dancer....

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I have just finished a very simple yet extremely interesting book called "Reverence" by Elise Ropers, a former dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet. I would actually recommend the book to anyone...who reads French that is :FIREdevil: . (I read it in one evening!). The author herself says that all the facts are real but that she has changed a few names in telling her story. So this is my question to anyone who has knowledge of dancers in POB:

I would love to know who are/were the female members of the company from Afro/Caribbean descent? Mrs. Ropers talks in her book about a dear friend of hers that was of Caribbean descent and the problems they both encountered while at the POB. I would love to know who this might be! According to the book, she would have been employed around the late 80's to mid 90's. Aside from Raphaelle Delauney, nothing comes to my mind.

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Dear Silvy, This is wretched, but the only dancer I know I identify by the name of her son, Govinda, when I knew her she was a beautiful woman, slight, dark, with a mop of black hair. I think she was from Venzuala. I was told she was a principal dancer with a major company in Brazil.

I took her son out riding on horseback, and he was beautiful, she was beautiful as well, how funny I can't remember her name. My small, small connection with South American ballet (I wish it was bigger, I LOVE your reports).

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Thanks for your reply Dido... but I am afraid that I might not have expressed myself correctly since english is not my first language... So I will rephrase my question: Would anybody know of a female dancer from Afro/Caribbean descent that has been employed at the Paris Opera Ballet around the late 80's - mid 90's?

Hope this is clearer...

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Francoise, Thanks again...as I searched for the DVD, I was wondering if you were refering to the "Documentaire- Reves d'etoiles" that came out in 1999 or the actual DVD of the ballet, both being produced by the POB.

I am really excited about this and would like to buy the right one!

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