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souvenirs of london, 1970

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this series of pic/post-cards comes from my summer, 1970 trip to london, they were all bought if mem. serves at the dance bookshop, and had no credits stamped on the back. alas i have nothing in my box of such items of jonny markovsky, or alla ossipenko. all the shots seemingly come from semi-dress rehearsals.

pic. 1 = makarova and soloviev in GISELLE


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Thank you so much for posting those photos. I love the picture of Bolshakova!

Although I'm based in London I missed the 1970 season as I was recovering from a road accident and never saw the Kirov until a visit to Leningrad in 1974. I always think back to that period of the Kirov's history as a kind of Golden Age.

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