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Battle of the Hagars in this ABT Season


Who's your favorite Hagar?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's your favorite Hagar?

    • Julie Kent
    • Gillian Murphy
    • Amanda McKerrow

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There's a wide range of opinions this season on a lot of things (and congratulations and pats on backs to everyone, because I don't think we've ever had such civil disagreements!).

I'd like to know who liked which Hagar -- I've heard totally conflicting opinions on each. (Meaning, I know at least one person who loved and one person who loathed each one.)

So this is a poll -- but please please please discuss, give your reasons, etc.

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Sure :wacko: These are the three Hagars on view in New York at the moment, and, as I wrote above, there's been some controversy over them. That's why the poll was limited -- it wasn't intended as a Hagars of All Time. Sometimes people won't write comments about someone they like, if the previous poster had just said, "The worst Hagar I've ever seen!" but they'll vote in an anonymous poll, and that's why I put this up.

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Missed Julie's, so couldn't vote for her (although nothing I've heard/read of those performances leads me to believe I might have). Difficult decision between Gillian and Amanda -- they were so different, each exceeding my expectations. On one level, Gillian brought to life new aspects of Hagar -- youth, neurosis. On the other, I was anticipating a very subdued interpretation from Amanda, and the tightness she left in my chest during and after the ballet is testament to a visceral, honest and vivid portrayal. Plus, Gillian (we expect) will have many years to grow with this role.

Voted for Amanda.

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Ok, although I admire Gillian Murphy's Hagar and look forward to seeing her interpretation grow in the coming years, after a second look at McKerrow tonight I can only say YES,YES,YES!!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping: But I was fair and only voted for her once. When I saw her first attempt at the role on Wednesday I already felt that hers was he most complete performance. It is amazing how much she has deepened and grown in the role in just one more time out. I think that one of the posters here said that this may be her last performance before retirement. I certainly hope that is not true. Tonight was one of those rare nights, she was transcendant.

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Carbro, I',m so sorry, but IMO - Yes!!!

My opinion could have been colored somewhat by a change in seating area. Wed night I was very close up, with every detail popping out at me (except that I didn't notice McKerrow's ankle bleeding till the very end!). Tonight I was back in rear mezz with a better perspective of the whole. But I don't really think it was me, I think tonight's performance was special. My husband was with me tonight - he'd never seen Pillar before and he loved it. Didn't find it dated at all. And I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it to take more than one performance to really find your way in a role as complex as Hagar. As I said, I hope it isn't McKerrow's last time...

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