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RDB at the Kennedy Centre 2004

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The Royal Danish Ballet will be at the Kennedy Centre 14-18 January 2004


January 14, 15, 16: Napoli (full-length)

January 17: La Sylphide and Etudes

January 18: La Sylphide and Napoli Act Three

Does anyone know if its possible to get a full cast listing (including corps dancers) of this prior to the event?

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Luxie, they usually don't release it until a few weeks before the season. I've don't think I've ever seen a cast list for any company that included corps dancers, and seldom soloists. Usually it's only the principals.

"La Sylphide" will be a new production, though, staged by Nikolaj Hubbe, and the premiere is this month, so when we see what that casting is, it's a reasonable bet that, barring injury, the same dancers will do it here.

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I'm not up on standing room policies. There are about 40 SR tickets sold, and I THINK they're $20 -- it's not cheap. I also THINK they go on sale when the regular tickets go on sale, but (depending on the event, of course) I've known people to buy a standing room ticket the night before.

Tickets usually go on sale about a month before an event, but you can check the Kennedy Center's web site --


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To get a clue of the expected Kennedy Centre cast here are the casts for the coming La Sylphide in Copenhagen:

Sylphide: Gudrun Bojesen, Rose Gad, Silja Schandorff

James: Thomas Lund, Mads Blangstrup

Madge: Lis Jeppesen, Jette Buchwald, Mette Boedtcher

Premiere on September 20.

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Thanks, Jorgen! I thought that's who the Sylphs and Jameses would be, but I was keeping my fingers crossed on the Madges. I'll always miss Sorella Englund in that role, but I'm very much looking forward to a new generation in that part, and I thought Jeppesen should have had it long ago.

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I understand that Kenneth Greve will also be dancing James. In addition to the mentioned Christina Olsson and Caroline Cavallo have also danced La Sylphide within recent productions. Gitte Lindström is casted in Etudes, but will first appear when fully recovered from an injury. Olsson and Cavallo and Bojesen may also be dancing in Etudes, which is also part of Silja Schandorffs repetoire

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The Kennedy Center site says that tickets go on sale 10/11. I'm planning to take the train in from NYC to see them and will probably go to 2 of the three performances of La Sylphide. I'm trying to decide between Sat & Sun matinees or Sat matinee & Sat night. Do you guys think it's a pretty safe bet that Gudrun Bojesen will be in the Saturday night cast? I really want to see her!


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Susan, I don't think you can count on any cast for a particular night -- even if they have it. Things get switched around for so many different reasons.

I'll never forget my first season of ballet, when I bought 6 out of 14 tickets for ABT, including Saturday night, thinking of course I'd get Baryshnikov. I missed all 6 of his performances. Against insurmountable odds, I had guessed completely wrong!

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If you are a Kennedy Center Member you can order tickets by phone now. ( I joined on the membership website and then called immediately to the membership office and they transferred me to the box office so I ordered tickets within minutes of contributing!) Also there is an open master class observation opportunity at 5 pm on Wednesday Jan 14th for a $15 general admission charge. You can get tickets for that now.

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