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Pugni's Ondine

Guest Eric

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Welcome to Ballet Alert!, Eric -- and thank you for your question. As you probably know, a reconstruction was scheduled for last season, if I remember correctly, and was postponed. Whether for lack of funds or another reason I can't say -- someone else may have much better information (Marc, rg?)

editing to add:

I did a search and found a thread on the Kirov-Mariinsky forum that discussed this a bit. It starts several posts down.


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Welcome, Eric.

Exactly, not much more to add. The Mariinsky was bound to dance Pierre Lacotte's version of "Ondine" at the last Festival in February 2002. The ballet was aborted at the last minute for various reasons (artistic, financial....). So, for the moment "Ondine" has been declared dead at the Mariinsky.

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Not sure, Alexandra. When it was cancelled last February, there were different versions about what was going to happen next. Some said the end of the season (which is now past), some said next season, some said never. There were to my mind too many factors speaking against a swift solution, most importantly the fact that the company wasn't ready to cope with Lacotte's choreography. Moreover, rehearsals had focused on Zakharova and she is leaving for the Bolshoi. Of course, you never know with them. As we could see with Etudes, Sacre and Les Noces - ready or not, they still did them anyhow. :)

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i have no intelligence to add (or speculate) on ONDINE. marc's info. is more up-to-date than mine.

fyi: lacotte's L'OMBRE did make it to the stage, such as it was, as follows:

Ombre : Lacotte after Taglioni, F)

Chor: Pierre Lacotte after Filippo Taglioni; mus: Ludwig Wilhelm Maurer. First perf: Nancy, June 3, 1993; Ballet de Nancy.

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About l'Ombre: yes indeed, I remember reading about it (it was a few months after I saw my first ballet, how frustrating it was that I couldn't travel to see it!) and seeing some excerpts on TV. The former POB principal Noëlla Pontois (and probably some other dancers) danced the main role, she retired a few months later when she turned 50.

By the way, what a pity that nearly all the repertory that Lacotte had built in Nancy was lost when he left the direction of the company a few years ago... :) I know his reconstructions often are controversial, but at least it's ballet (and also he had added quite a lot of Balanchine and Ballets Russes works to the repertory of the Ballet du Rhin).

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