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Amy Watson promoted to soloist

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Amy Watson has just been promoted to soloist with the Royal Danish Ballet.

(Amy Watson was born in 1981. She studied with the ABT and was engaged by Suzanne Farrell's Company before she in year 2000 became a dancer of the Royal Danish Ballet, where she has danced a number of soloistroles including Olga in Onegin, Helena in Romeo and Juliet, and in Manon, Vers un Pays Sage, In the Middle Somewhat Elevated, Odyseen, Napoli, Symphony in C, Serenade, The Concert, Hallelujah Junction, Ballads Enclosed, Sleeping Beauty and A Folktale.)

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I'm so glad. She was Suzanne Farrell's protege from SF's summer program. I saw her in SAB and loved her big, easy, musical style. I thought NYCB missed out by not having her, but I'm pleased she's doing so well at the Royal Danish Ballet. I hope she is among the dancers the company is sending to NY next January.

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Congratulations to Amy!

She is a SoCal gal and we are so happy for her. She was also my BD's roommate at Suzanne Farrell's SI when she was thirteen. Amy showed her the ropes and was a great big sister. Glad to know she is doing well in Denmark...... :grinning: Maybe someday she will return home.

She is a lovely dancer.

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Guest adagiocloud

Amy Watson is a beautiful dancer and I am so excited to hear about her promotion. I have watched her dance over the years and am so impressed with her improvement. Glad to hear she was promoted - it was well deserved. :)

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