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Nicholas Le Riche guest in Manon

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I'm going to try and see Silja Schandorff and Le Riche on either 25th or 27th (im a big Silja Schandorff fan!) But tickets don't go on sale till monday, 11th aug!

But there's a 'Ballet på Kastellet' thing in Copenhagen on the 16th, where there will be excerpts of the various ballets fron season 03/04 - and it's free!! :lol:

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I don't think they have put Rose Gad in Manon, I agree she would be interesting to see!

I have a really interestion copy of a program shown in DK in the early 90's (i think)- where they followed 2 groups of auditionees from the RDB school (from 1972 and 1973- something in that direction anyway) and Silja Schandorff, Peter Bo Bendixen, Mette Bødtcher and Vincent van Weber (amongst others) are all in it!

Really interesting stuff, but you must have seen it :lol:

PS. Just like to add that i (finally) got round to finshing reading your book. I really could afford to buy it (am poor student) so had to wait for the RAD library to get it!!

Great stuff, hard to say anything original about i suppose, but thanks for the detailed insight!! :P

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Thank you for reading it!!!!! Hope you liked the photos :lol: I have seen that video. Kronstam was head of the school during that time and is in it, teaching, and at auditions. It is fascinating to see them grow up -- and drop out, one by one, and see how few are left. By good fortune, they picked a good group of students. Schandorff was an aspirant in about 1989, I think, so it would have been from the early 1980s.

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Rose Gad did Manon last season with Mads Blangstrup and will do so this season too. I saw them only at a dress rehearsal, but I preferred the more passionate Silja Schandorff - Kenneth Greve couple. I love Silja Schandorff. She can do everything. For example she did Forsythe's "In the Middle somewhat Elevated" wonderfully last May. The other Manon cast is Caroline Cavallo - Andrew Bowman.

The week 2-7 September will be a busy week in Copenhagen with NYCB at the Tivoli Concert Hall coinciding with three RDB Manons at the Royal Theatre.

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