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Ballet step names

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What is the name of the step or combination of steps where a dancer places the front foot a foot length in front of the back foot, with the front foot facing out, and then leans on the back foot, with arms apart and hands pointing out, before going into a series of turns? I know this description is not clear, but it seems to be a very common thing, so I think maybe someone can figure out to what I am referring.

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I was reminded of this topic while watching the Suzanne Farrell Ballet demonstrate basic ballet steps in this excellent video:


I found out about this particular video archive from a post elsewhere by Jack Reed. Note that there are 3 wonderful 'sample' performances along with the ballet step demo. The oddity being that there are a number of long 'blackouts' where the screen is blacked out and we wait in real time for the next piece to begin. But just be patient - it is worth it.

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