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Misty Copeland

Guest *BrE~BrE*

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Guest *BrE~BrE*

have any of you ever seen her dance before??? shes my absolute favorite dancer ever and im her biggest fan!! :) i was wondering if any of you knew her strengths. jumps, turns?? thanks!

also, im new to the board, so HI all!! B)

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I would imagine that most people that have seen ABT have seen Misty Copeland, as shes in the corps. :rolleyes: I don't particularly like her, her legs are VERY hyperextended and she needs to learn how to control that. Maybe once she gets that under control I can stop cringing in pain and actually absorb some of her dancing...!


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What exactly do you mean by "heavy family pressure?"

She came from a family that didn't want her to do ballet? They wanted her to do something else?

Please elaborate.

I have never really made an effort to pick her out of the corps when I have seen ABT, but she does have a "different" kind of quality to her (at least from what I have seen and from pictures of her). I guess what I mean is she doesn't strike me as the typical classical ballerina. Still, she has some talent behind her. :)

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Here is a story about Misty Copeland's path:


She was spotted at age 13 (!) by a teacher who gave her a scholarship

and, when the commute to the studio became too much, took her in.

At some point her mom became unhappy with this arrangement, and there was

some much-publicized legal maneuvering, which is reviewed the story

cited above.

By the accounts I've read, her mom always wanted Misty to be happy, and

knew how happy dancing made her, but was very uncomfortable about how

ballet is so all-consuming and was keeping Misty from regular school

and a "normal" life.

From what I understand, after the end of the story cited above,

she returned to live with her mom, then went to

ABT for an SI at age 16, and then was invited to join ABT's

junior company.

As we all know, the story ended happily and Misty is dancing professionally

after having her first ballet class at age 13.

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Bre~Bre, I'm sorry if you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I don't think anything is wrong at all with her body. I'm just saying she isn't what you typically see with a ballerina. She is very muscular... which is great, but usually classically trained ballerinas don't really *show* their muscle. However, I don't think this slightly different physique has impeded her at all nor does it hinder her dancing. :wink:

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I think she is one of the easiest dancers to pick out of the corps...becuase of those feet!!!!! They are quite long!!!! But nice, good arch. She is not one of my favorites in the classical ballets but she does have a nice jump and a nice attack.

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