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Spring Season Week 4

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Did anyone else see Tuesday's performance?

I only stayed for Barocco. Ives is long and you have to be in the mood and Peter's new peice does nothing for me. I think the back drop is my favorite.

I was a little worried at first that pairing Kowroski and van Kipnis was going to be difficult . They usually like to Pair like dancers which these two are not. But I was pleasantly surprised. van Kipnis dances big enough to make up for the hight and in some ways, the difference brought out that they are dancing to two different violins.

Kowroski could loosen up more. She still is very stiff in her neck especialy. van Kipnis danced with abandon and Fayette did a great job in a somewhat thankless role.

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I enjoyed Barocco very much, but then I almost always do unless people fall down. In Ives, Songs I was amused that Arch Higgins, whom I'd last seen as a baboon,was walking around in a nice suit. I like the ballet, although I used to like it better. It's interesting that revivals of Antique Epigraphs and this have been met by puzzlement on the part of people who'd never seen them in the past. Have sensibilities changed that much? Or is it the dancers? Anyway, it was great to see Ashley Bouder again. This was my first viewing of Guide to Strange Places, but I had the feeling I'd seen it all before.

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I, too, enjoyed the pairing in "Barocco". Kowroski's croise developes in the slow movement were breathtaking. van Kipnis danced with a glorious attack reminiscent of the 2nd violins of the '70s (C. Neary, Nichols, etc.). In those days, weren't the two women were generally cast for contrast? There is something to be said for both approaches. And yes, Fayette did wonderfully.

Funny, last night was my best experience with the Ives. It was the first time it held together for me as an organic whole, rather than a suite. I attribute this to the great job Higgins did in quietly asserting his presence. Korbes was very lovely in the role Kyra originated.

All I could think of during Darci's pas (strangulation included) in Martins' "Strange Places" was "This is how he presents the woman he presumably loves?!!" :eek: :eek: :eek: I would hate for their kid to see this. My seatmate had seen the preview, and liking the music, enjoyed the performance with his eyes shut. If there's a next time for me, I'll be sure to follow his knowing example.

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It's hard to ever dislike Barrocco, and last night was not an exception, but there were certainly plenty of problems. Both women were off the music a majority of the time, and Maria was just too long and stiff for the role. I felt she lacked the soul that Wendy and even Yvonne have put into the role in the beginning of the year.

Ives, Songs bored me to death. I adore Robbins and am certain the ballet had a point, but I just either didn't get it or didn't enjoy it. There wasn't much dancing to it and Wendy only seemed to appear for a hot second. Ms. Korbes, though, was beautiful, and I was simply glad to see her getting a lead.

I felt that Guide To Strange Places was the strongest it had been, in it's fourth and final performance this season. While it is mainly comprised of things we've all seen before from Martins, the music is wonderful and I felt he's done well with it. The ending is spectacular, with all the dramatic poses and stops, and then finally sinking back into the darkness. And really, you couldn't ask for a better cast.

Now onto tonight! The best program I've seen in a while, with Symphonic (which Janie and Sebastien are doing next week but unfortunately during workshop), Morphoses and the final performance of Symphony in Three this season.

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