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Raymonda in Finland

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Update: I'm going on 27th, so it will be some time before I can report.

Helsingin Sanomat (a major newspaper) commented that the dancing and music were good, but the story lacking. I'm not sure whether the critic found the storyline lacking, or the choreography not reflecting the storyline, or the dancers not portraying the emotions so that the story suffered, or what.

(I'm citing from memory here, as I can't find the piece, so I can't check if it was unclear, or if I just can't remember what it was exactly.)

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Someone told me that Kevin McKenzie worked on this production. Is that true? If so, did he do any of the choreography, or is it fairly traditional? (I know the Bolshoi has what was considered a fairly traditional version, at least to our uneducated eyes.) Thanks.

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According to advertisement, the choreography is by Anna-Marie Holmes based on Petipa, but Kevin McKenzie and Ms. Holmes worked together on direction and something else ("toteutus", which translates as realization, and I have no idea what it means in ballet context). It's not clear from this what the division of work has been, but I suppose there will be more about this in the program, once I get to the performance and get one.

The advertisement also says that this Raymonda will be later (next year) danced by ABT in NY.

That's all I know, does some one else know more?

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