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Benesh 101 - The Basics

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Peregrin: i took your advice and had a look at the Bloch forums. regrettably i was very disappointed that they are so gossipy, being largely unmoderated, and apparently very tolerant (too tolerant?) of off-topic stuff - and even quite unsavoury stuff - at least it is unsavoury in my old-fashioned opinion!!! ....i suppose that would be IMOFO, as an internet abbreviation...(instead of IMO or IMHO).

thank you very much for filling me in about them, as i was unaware of their existence, but i won't be going THERE in a hurry! i confess to very much enjoying the seriously focused approach which alexandra and the moderators foster, here. :)

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Guest Peregrin Took


Thanks for giving the Bloch forums a look at, at least :). It's true, they are more of a chat forum than a formal discussion area, but it's very friendly and warm. I'll have to say, sometimes I feel a little intimidated by all the rules here :).

Each forum has its own style, and that's good, I know exactly where to go to get the information I need :).

Hmm, about you and your Benesh, I guess I could say the same for me and my music theory. While I absolutely did not get as far in the subject as you obviously have done with notation, I also find that if I let it slip for even a small while, things begin running out of my head. There are so many little rules to remember about this and that. Both systems are very complicated, I would say.

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Thank you grace!

I don't know if it's just me or if it's because benesh is new to me, but it seems much more complicated than reading a music sheet, IMO;) :) . Unless Peregrin is talking about something else, but that's what I relate benesh the most to if you've got to compare it with music.

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su-lian, i think comparing it to music is sensible. but i also think that, if you and i were together and i could show you things on paper or on a white board, then you would regard benesh as the easier of the two. :)

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I don't know...It's not that benesh seems complicated as such, but it's more that there are so many things to look at, to watch out for, and those lines everywhere, they are very clear and explicit, but when you first look at them, they just look like lines going in all directions. It seems like there are much more things on the stave. Maybe it just comes with time and habit, because now I think of it, there are quite a few things on a music sheet too, but it seems more simple to me.

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good points su-lian. part of the problem also, is trying to take in too much new stuff without having good opportunities to re-inforce the most basic elements in your brain, first.

i'm going to leave this thread briefly at this point, and start another, partly because it is getting long (3 pages) and partly because we are at a point where we could move on to a slightly different approach. so please look over at Benesh 103 - Reading Notation:


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sorry, su-lian that i didn't see your post.

the truth is that i completely forgot about these benesh threads, when they were no longer coming up if i clicked my 'View New Posts' button.

will commence again sometime soon, i promise. :)

thanks for your interest.

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