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  1. I am going to ad two quotes. The first was from Marcel Marceau. He was describing a ronde jambe to a class of mimes and I was sitting in the audience. He said, "Think of it this way, someone has just dropped their wallet and you don't want them to see you push it behind you with your foot." The second quote was from Linda Kintz (Prima Ballerina for Washington D.C.'S Late, lamented National Ballet). She and I were in a Pas De Deux class...actually, she and I were assisting the late Stanley Herbertt (from the old Ballet Theatre) as he gave the class. One teenage girl, with designs to go to Ne
  2. Even in the 80's when I was there (at the Joffrey) they were video taping productions of some of the classic ballets so those works will not be lost (but they will require translation by whomever stages them). However, your question is a good one. Who will be the driving force behind some of the classics in the reportoir? When he was alive, Bob Joffrey was the man who pushed, prodded and chewed them up... he tracked down obscure tombs, choreographers, artists etc... to recreate some of those old masterpieces. He was like a bulldog with a bone and wouldn't let go until he had tracked down and r
  3. Ok, I can help you (hypothetically, since we are not supposed to do this).. If you want to transfer it from Pal to NTSC, some copy houses will do it for you (my company transfers Pal to NTSC all the time). Now if you want to do it yourself, go out and spend about $100 dollars on a dvd player that plays both (many of them do these days). So when you play it in the PAL mode, it will look fine on the screen. However, make note. This is an analog picture. Hook your output via the rca cables to another recording device that is NTSC and record it as an input. The quality will drop a smidge but in al
  4. Actually, the Pas in Corsaire actually was choreographed (unless I misunderstood your inference) by Petipa... If you never saw Baryshnikov do it you can either check out the "Turning Point", a ballet film from about 1977, or you can check out his variation here at this link below: As for myself, this was the version that I always did (until the body said no more! :>) http://www.mydanceclip.com/video/1290/mikh...-as-le-corsaire
  5. As someone who worked with Edward, I have to say that he was a great man. We used to do lecture demonstrations at various schools when he ran the New Jersey ballet (Late 1970's, early 1980's). I never saw someone who loved passing on dance like he did... and he liked to push us to our limits. In 1969 Life magazine ran a story about Villella, "Is This Man the Country's Best Athlete?" Two years later, Sports illustrated featured him in the profile "Encounter with an athlete". around the time of the article, it came out in the press that doctors had ex-rayed his (Villella's) feet in the middle
  6. Jemil Akman


    Not sure what to say here but I am a recent member returning to my roots of dance. A little about me... I started dancing as a kid on the Mississippi Riverboats (they are now all Casinos) and spent summers performing at the Muny Opera in St. Louis (and all the other theatres on the Starlight tour circuit) and winters with the St. Louis Civic Ballet under the late great Stanley Herbertt. I also studied under Michael Simms, Nathalie LeVine, Gary Hubler and many others. After high school, I went to Oklahoma University and studied with Miguel Terekhov, Yvonne Chouteau, Victoria Leigh and Ko Yokoh
  7. Ah, permit me to expand upon your definition. Perichoresis is derived from latin two words , Peri (circle or round, as in perimeter) and choresis as in choreography or dance. It was actually used in the bible numerous to describe the relationship of the trinity and was translated as "Dancing around in the same essence of". I don't know how I know that... oh right, latin class :>)
  8. Hi Victoria, I too studied with you and partnered Janet Combs in Nutcracker for a few years. Do you remember me? Jim Akman aka Jemil Akman.
  9. Hi Mary, I was actually Janet's partner in a few productions. Ironically, I just finished restoring a piece of film that features her as the Sugar Plum Fairy and the I read your note... Karma. I am glad to share it with someone who knows her. The link to see Janet Combs in Nutcracker is at: http://www.spike.com/video/ballet-russe/3024260 This is from about 1977 so apologies for the poor quality. Jemil aka Jim Akman
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